Sign Painting Project – Beginning to End

This little sign gives a fair understanding of what goes into a wall sign painting project. I took a couple of minutes to document the steps.

By the way, the client, Little Sparrow Cafe, is in Santa Ana, California.

First step: after finalizing a design, we typically create a paper pattern, perforating the lines that have been drawn out on paper with an electric pencil. This tool puts small holes in the paper that allow charcoal (or chalk, on a dark wall) to transfer the design onto the wall.


Custom colors are matched if necessary (here the circle-logo background was a custom color, the lettering black. Then, on site, we set up the ladders and transfer the paper design to the wall with charcoal. Ready to go!


Here you can see the logo background, which has already been brushed in with fast-drying paint. You can also see how the charcoal design remains, to be filled in with paint.


Now, the project is finished. This fine little restaurant gets the understated look they were looking for.


If you’re in the Orange County area, you might want to go visit! You can find them online here:

Here is the final product:


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