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2018 – make it the year to get your school’s mascot, award, or mural done & done right!

2018 - make it the year to get your school's mascot, award, or mural done & done right! #schoolmural #schoolaward #signpainter #goldribbon #schoolmascot

Recent work – Los Cerritos Middle School stairwell hand painted mural

Recent hand-painted school mural project at Los Cerritos Middle School in Thousand Oaks, CA (near Los Angeles). It’s impact is undeniable!

First, detail photos are shown below.  It was so hard to show the whole thing in one photo that I merged the detail photos into one in Photoshop, in the last photo.

Los Cerritos Middle School - stairwell mural, left ribbon Los Cerritos Middle School - stairwell mural, center

Los Cerritos Middle School - stairwell mural, right ribbon

Los Cerritos Middle School - overall photo

Recent work – animal hospital mural

One more hand painted mural project got done recently, at an animal hospital in San Diego, CA. This is the back wall of the hospital which the client wanted to brand. It works well as an attractive visual in the neighborhood, and to tease approaching traffic about what’s in the building. My old sign painting skills got a pleasant place to work on this one, and the client loved it.

Harmony Animal Hospital graphic

Recent work – cost-effective Costco signage

Your humble sign painter got a little cost-effective sign painting in today, for Costco Carmel Mountain in the San Diego area. The manager told me their monument sign’s painted letters didn’t match the corporate logo – I can completely understand why it bugged him!

Here is the “before” picture – the “o'” and “s” shapes were wrong in “Costco”, and the “s” was the same odd shape in “wholesale”.


After taking careful dimensions I went back to the shop to prepare. With the proper logo in hand, I created the paper pattern to transfer the design to the monument, to know where to paint – and paint out the malformed letters.

On site, I matched the background color by eye, then painted out the offending letter shapes.


Then, on to painting the client’s correct corporate logo. I also took a moment to refresh all the red, since it’s a color that fades easier than others..

Here is the final result – hand-painted cost-effective signs have created another happy customer!


sign painting – cost-effective signage for this client

Our client Parts Authority just added a third hand painted sign to the two we painted for them in 2016 at their Redlands CA store. If you want cost-effective signage, professional painted signs can be a great choice. Here’s how the store looks…

Our client Parts Authority got a third hand-painted sign at their location in Redlands CA  Parts Authority Redlands - North

Parts Authority Redlands - West