Recent work: Gretchen Whitney High School gym painted School Pride graphics

When I work with clients, the pre-job presentation is part of the process many have expressed appreciation for. You know just what you’re going to get, beforehand – and edits can be made until you’re happy with it. The result, then, will be exactly what you want.

Here’s an example – as well as another School Pride painted graphic, resulting in another happy client.

It started like this:


And when completed, looked like this:
Gretchen Whitney High School

Gretchen Whitney High School


Recent work: GIMBAL

Hand painted wall graphics project in San Diego, office environment decor:

Southern California Custom Sign Shop - Big City Signs

Recently we were honored to help this start-up in San Diego, CA with hand-painted wall graphics in their dynamic, energetic office space.

GIMBAL - main wall

GIMBAL - second wall wrapGIMBAL - wall stripes

and here’s how it looked when completed:

GIMBAL - both painted graphics

GIMBAL - office center - straight on

GIMBAL - break area

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Recent work: Hand painted Mission Statement on textured wall

Often, hand painted graphics are the best solution when you want something on a textured surface. This project is a good example of that. Southlands Christian School’s campus in Rowland Heights CA wanted their mission statement reproduced on this wall that is central to campus activity.  It reproduces in typestyle and color what is printed on their business card, a great use of branding. The ol’ sign painter strikes again, and creates another happy client!

Here is the result:


Recent work: Birdwell Beach Britches event vehicle

Southern California Custom Sign Shop - Big City Signs

Sign painting skills got Big City Signs onto the radar of this Orange County, CA, based surf and beach wear company. They have been around since the 1960’s providing great products for their loyal customers.

The 60’s was the look and feel they chose, logically, for their event vehicle. It started out life as a delivery truck, but was purchased recently as a great way to get their name, products, and samples out to beachside events.

In the 1960’s, signs were hand-painted. So, rather than have the almost too-perfect computer generated look to the graphics on the truck they contacted Big City Signs to paint graphics onto it. Here are some notes about the project.

First up: the design gets simplified into outline form so it can be drawn out on the computer plotter. That technology has been a huge improvement over the way things were done in the 60’s…

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