Recent work – step-by-step, the story of these painted exterior graphics – Golden Road Brewing, Anaheim CA

In November 2017, the Big City crew painted environmental graphics on this building exterior at Golden Road Brewing in Anaheim, Orange County, CA.

As always, the work starts with a plan, a design. The client had provided a fairly complete plan of eye-catching graphics that they wanted to cover pretty much all the exterior wall surfaces of their 250 ft x 150 ft (approx.) building.

Here is a portion of their rendering.

Here is my scale drawing based on their layouts.

Then it was on to making patterns. These are the paper full-size pen-plotter drawings that are perforated using the old Electro-Pounce pen system. Then white or black powder is pushed through the perforations when the paper is held in place on the building. This is how designs are typically transferred full-size to the surface.

The zig-zag lines were marked at their angle-points then connected with a snap-line.

On-site, work began with paint on the first side we would work on.

First, wave stripes.

Next, colors for the zig-zag stripes.

Then, suddenly (haha) the east face was pretty much done.

Next the west face. This great crew just plugged away through it all.

Over that archway will be a channel letter sign. The archway will get a base color, then we will paint a stripe pattern over – so, more to come!

Finally, on to the north face. Still under construction, it was a bit of a challenge to access and work, but we made it happen.

Here the painted sign pattern is placed along with layout lines for the graphic pattern.

Since the weather was threatening rain, I traced the powder lines with marker (pen lines would get covered with paint).

So, we painted and painted and painted some more.

Annnnddd … here is the completed north side.

A few more steps are coming to complete this project for our client, so updates are coming. But, thanks to God (and thanks for the prayers of friends and family) a successful project and happy clients.

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