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Recent work – hand painted rebranding graphics for Parts Authority Auto Parts Super Stores

Our client finds that our sign painting services turn out to be very cost-effective. That’s why Big City has been busy rebranding various warehouse and retail locations in California. These locations range from Fresno to San Diego to San Bernardino. Another happy client!

Here are the photos – click to enlarge:



Birdwell Beach Britches Factory Store painted signage

I thought this sign painter had put this little project up onto the blog, but couldn’t find it. This was done back at the end of May 2015. The Birdwell Beach Britches Factory Store in Santa Ana, in Orange County CA had been open a while, but they decided to make it official with a storefront window sign.

Since Birdwell is a handcrafted kind of company, Big City has been hand painting their signs for them. This window is another of the unique sign painting projects that identify this successful, quality oriented company.

Here’s how the project went. First, dusting on the chalk through the paper pounce pattern that will provide the outlines for painting, as shown here:
Birdwell Factory Storefront

Next, paint in the white, two coats so it’s really opaque. Here’s how that step looks from inside the store:

Birdwell Factory Storefront

Of course, it will need the red paint to be painted in – here’s a progress shot:

Birdwell Factory Storefront

And here’s the final product:

Birdwell Factory Storefront

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