Progress of a school spirit sign project – Serra High School Gardena CA

This sign painter was asked to transform the sports facility at Serra High School in Gardena, just outside of Los Angeles CA with hand painted signs and other graphics commemorating their sports championships. The place to start this project was the parking lot side of a snack-bar building that faces the parking lot, at the entrance to the football field. Along with that, we provided a unique, permanent display attached to the football scoreboard posts, and a digitally printed mesh banner for the baseball side of things.

Here are the results:

The wall facing the parking lot at the entrance to the football field — here’s the before picture — a perfect location for what they wanted to do:

First, sign painting – the school logo on the rooftop screen wall, and a base coat for the school seal mural:

Next, I start laying in colors on the seal mural. White for the letters, grays for the Father Serra illustration, red cut in around it all for the background, blue cut in around the outer letters:




Look, ma! Halfway there:


One of the helpful tricks I use is to print out a scale version of the larger finished work so I’ll know where I’m going. Here is the finished seal with the scale rendering:



Then, the lettering. Here’s a detail of that part of the project:


Here’s the completed wall — that part’s done!


Next, our attention turned to the scoreboard display. This is a location where wind can be an issue and if this display was solid material it could end up blowing off it’s attachments! That’s something nobody wants. We used perforated aluminum for the backing panel, attached to aluminum strips which in turn were bolted to brackets strapped to the posts.

First, the straps on the posts — these are the permanent, stainless steel “Band-It” straps that city agencies use; a big step up in durability from the typical product used by sign shops. They require a special tool to install, but they don’t come loose. Here’s one:


Next step, install the horizontal aluminum strips onto the brackets, and screw on the painted perforated aluminum panels:


The graphics are cut-out Dibond aluminum composite material, pre-coated white. Computer cut vinyl and digitally printed vinyl provide the color. The individual letters and logos were attached with screws and silicon to the mesh aluminum:


And, here’s the finished product — built to last:



One more thing — the digitally printed mesh banner celebrating their baseball championship. Mesh banner windscreen material works well in windy locations for large banners. Here’s the result:


Paint Graphics Brochure – what’s the advantage of painted graphics?

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Click to Download our FREE Painted Graphics Brochure

Birdwell Beach Britches Factory Store painted signage

I thought this sign painter had put this little project up onto the blog, but couldn’t find it. This was done back at the end of May 2015. The Birdwell Beach Britches Factory Store in Santa Ana, in Orange County CA had been open a while, but they decided to make it official with a storefront window sign.

Since Birdwell is a handcrafted kind of company, Big City has been hand painting their signs for them. This window is another of the unique sign painting projects that identify this successful, quality oriented company.

Here’s how the project went. First, dusting on the chalk through the paper pounce pattern that will provide the outlines for painting, as shown here:
Birdwell Factory Storefront

Next, paint in the white, two coats so it’s really opaque. Here’s how that step looks from inside the store:

Birdwell Factory Storefront

Of course, it will need the red paint to be painted in – here’s a progress shot:

Birdwell Factory Storefront

And here’s the final product:

Birdwell Factory Storefront

Back in the day … Disneyland Matterhorn fence colors

Back in the day, the Disneyland Matterhorn in Orange County  CA, was closed in the winter every year to be freshened up and maintained. This queue line fence would be on our work schedule, and the new hires would be sent out to work on it. Sitting on the cold concrete, we’d be painting each individual color inside, and if you notice, about a 3/8″ outline on the outside of the cutouts. Oh, it was a pain, but it was a chops-builder as well — you wouldn’t want to spend any more time out there than you needed, which was great motivation to get fast and accurate with that little lettering quill or soft fitch brush…

Matterhorn fence

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