Big City Supergraphics – Old-school know-how with today’s technology… since 1981.

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BIGCITYSuperG-WEBCARD516-01Old School Know-How & Today’s Technology…

In 1981, I started off as a sign painter. Hand painted signs, murals, and graphics provide the human touch .

Big City specializes in painted graphics made with professionalism and craftsmanship. Today’s technology is blended with old-school skills for your benefit.

Who are our clients? Advertising agencies, public and private schools, colleges and universities, public and municipal art projects; also corporate clients, contractors, and retail property management, and more.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

Public schools and institutions like that we are California DIR registered.

School mascot murals, gym graphics and school award murals are some of our favorite work, because of the transformation of the facility and the wonderful effect on the school’s attitude.


Received a Gold Ribbon or other California Public Schools award? Congratulations – we are School Award specialists!  Why use us? Find out more at this link. 

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Please take a look around – then contact us with your project.

– Paul Borne – humble sign painter 😉 …and president – Big City SuperGraphics / Big City Signs Inc.


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