Sign painting 101 – the classic Speedball method…

Back in the day, one of the methods sign painters used to learn proper technique was to imitate good examples… Here’s how you would brush this style of lettering – from a textbook published by Speedball pens.

LA Trade Tech College – the place to go to learn sign painting…

Back in 1981, I started in the sign trade by learning sign painting, attending the 2 year certificate program at Los Angeles Trade Technical College, Sign Graphics program. It was and (I think) remains the best low-cost training in this trade anyone can get.

Here are a couple of articles about this great opportunity:

Read the Writing on the Wall: Turning Taggers Into Artists

Sign Painting Workshop in Los Angeles

from the “Back in the Day” department:

Long ago, walldogs traveled from town to town, sign painting kit in the back, maybe trading wall paint graphics work like this for lodging, food, haircuts, and who-knows-what… click photo to see the original upload on Flikr.Walldog work from the past

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